Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Have you tried to do Flickr. I did a while ago. Opened an account for my Creative Courage e-course. But do you think months later I could find it. It is rather hard on an ipad. After hours of fun and account settings and pass words, tight jaw and well the whole body really, I went to bed. Today I opened the big girl up. The Mac Book Pro. For some crazy reason I wanted to get to my Flickr account without having to go through FB. I wanted to use an account that is was offering. I thought this would be in the long run easier. But haha it wanted to link this account with another which you guested it I had to create. Then, yes there is a then. I decided to see a flickr button on my iphoto page so I click it. Turns out the phone app I loaded onto the ipad last night is really really hard to use. Well the big girl can do it for you straight up to flicker, via my FB log in. So I still dont know how to log into my Flickr account all by myself. Can not find a pass word or place to change a pass word. But hey you know what for today that is ok. Here is my flickr addresses. I think it is ? Me at Flickr. Try it let me know if you get any-where. I am sure it should have my title on it not a pile of numbers.
So why am I doing this ? I hear you all yawn. I know I need tea too. Well the Flying group Aussie girls. One in particular Michelle Dwyer, has opened up a challenge. Gosh it was a challenge to get me going to do the challenge. Each month we take photos in a theme. This month we take photos in the colour of dark red, with the theme of health and commitment. Whoops I forgot the commitment part to the task. Well I have done it. Found out a lot about the web. Had to make a Linky. Would love to give you a link but not sure. This might be it. http://linkyimg.arvixededicated.com/v2_thumbnail_linky_enter.aspx?id=123513
You know this whole thing is a great idea. Go and have a look at this page for January, see what you think. She has a special Flickr group set up. It will make make you train your eye to look at life differently, inspire you to see the positive around you and inspire you  to make art from what you see. Aswell as play with your camera and photo editing soft ware.

Here is my mosaic.

I have always wanted to do this mosaic thing and now I have. Oh there needs to be a link for that in here too. Hang on. Click here.
Gosh it takes a lot to do a blog entry. How do you all keep it looking so good ?


  1. Hi Helen, Wow the project really did create a challenge for you, I am impressed that you got it all done so quickly. I do hope that despite the trouble you had, that you enjoyed the process of finding your way with flickr & creating your mosaic. I am a big fan of flickr I love how many fun project & groups there are to find for so many interests & the sense of community through joining in & having a go. The Monthly Mosaic group themes are for inspiration only, you are the creative one, choose to do as little or as much as you like & have fun with it! :) Your mosaic looks great, I hope you will join in next month xx p.s if you need any flickr/blog tips i'd love to help :)

  2. I am so impressed that this is your first mosaic! It all works so well together, each individual picture is interesting but it's also interesting as a whole. I especially like the close-ups that then become pattern, not thing (like the rust); it's one reason I enjoy slicing up larger works into tinier pieces. So much is revealed.

    1. That is a really good post Amy, thank-you. I had not looked at it like that, the whole piece becoming a pattern. I will keep that in mind for this months. It is pale blue but I keep seeing yellow every-where.