Friday, 25 October 2013

St Barts Have A Blog.

Yes St Barts have a blog.

Have a look right here.

Let me know what you think !

Monday, 10 June 2013

Hmmmm, do you have an answer to this ?

My step sons girlfriend has a camera. A big one. She herself is tiny in being but big on personality. We all adore and love Cindy. It was her birthday a few days ago. Simon and I gave her a four hour one on one photo class. She loved it. With all the online classes I have taken I have seen some amazing woman who take photos so I thought I best sit here on the Queens Birthday, Happy Birthday your Majesty long may you live and rein over us. And find the links to ladies and groups I have been shown, to see if any of them will help her continue on her path of photography. Cindy that is, not the Queen.

On my trek I found this part of a post by Tracey Clark. Read it.

The definition of Creative Joy is at its essence, doing something creative that brings you joy. Period. No end result needed. No monetary expectations. Heck, no expectations for anything at all. Creative Joy is all about a creative act or process that makes you happy. Although it’s true that if the process AND an end result makes you happy (a finished painting, a blooming garden, a blog post, a novel) it’s perfectly find to work toward an end result. But, if the end result came as more of just an added bonus of doing what you loved, instead of an expectation, then it would make the process of getting there much more joyful. The past year I’ve been on a quest to crack the code on what creative practice makes me happy, in a “joy for joy sake” kind of way. I have found myself riddled by the question that if time or money was no object, what would I do just for Joy?

So what is your answer what would you do if time and money were no object ?

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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Teesha's Circus: Intention

You just have to go and have a read of this ladies post. I love it. I am sure you will to. It will make you get up. Intention by Teesha.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Rain and Rain.

I love drizzle rain. It is my favorite type of rain. I have missed it, longed for it for all the years I have been down here in the colonies. This summer it came. Oh it came. Yes drizzle is here. Gentle and slow as it moves from above to the ground. The ground welcomes it as it has the chance to soak it up, going deep down into it to quench its thirst. The tropical down pours how-ever energetic, loud and exhilarating to start when one first witnesses them do loose their appeal. Drizzle allows you to ponder on thoughts with a cup of tea cupped in your hands. Tropical has me running around exhausted. Also very very wet.

Why I am talking about rain I hear you ask ! Well my dear friend made a post that I thought was about her love of drizzle instead of pouring or drought. Turns out I didn't have a fellow drizzle lover. She was talking about live. How it is either full on tropical rain or dry. She was asking why life could never just drizzle.

This got me thinking of my interpretation of Mr Forest Gumps box of chocolates.

Life is like a box of chocolates really. There are the ones you don't like but eat as they are, after all, chocolate and it would be a waste not to. Then there is the ones that are nice and lovely which you enjoy. Then there are your favs which are wonderful. They are the right flavour and texture, you really enjoy them. See just like life. I wonder if we had our favs all the time how could we judge them as our favs if there was nothing to compare them with.

You know if life was a constant drizzle you would have no down time. I think you would be very tired of the constant.

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