Monday, 10 September 2012

The Muse.

We can be our own Muses I am sure of it. We just need to Trust and push ourselves into the position for it to Flow through us and to happen.
I fellow artist has been having a similar stumping as I have been having lately. Deanne Williams you can read what she has to say about it, just click here name.
I too have been pulled in directions that were not arty and have zapped my creativity. After a lovely lunch on Friday, with a friend who had been to the States for two months, a look at what Tara Axford is doing with found art and a trip to the city to see a clever friend and the main shop that has been selling my bowls I felt energised full of ideas but not wanting to go into the "studio". So I pushed myself to go in and stay there. I sat and looked around at all the half finished projects. I didnt know where to start but I just took the ones taking up the most room and set too. It too made me think  - if I just come in here it will come. Taking a tea break I read Deanne's great blog and there it was in her words backing it all up. Thank-you.
Just sit down, stand up at your art space with your supplies and keeping trying to make any-thing. It will come it will come.
Trust and it will Flow.