Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Art Of Spain.

Helen A Naylor.
Helen A Naylor's bowls at "The Art of Spain" 19Karen Art Gallery.
Time and time again, I am recently changing how I go about my life, how can I tell you ?

You find some-thing that a sad person has lost. Some-how you get it back to them. They give you a reward. Whether a hug or some-thing you can physically keep. It feels good, you did the right thing.

Now what about if you do some-thing for yourself ? You dedicate your mind to creating art. You may have to remake it and experiment a few times till it is right. Then comes the time to present your art. The feelings that come to you are better than any.

Helen A Naylor.
Dress Circle.
The path to exhibiting in The Art Of Spain was a colourful one. Filled with twists and turns bigger than a movie plot. There were baddies in there too ! Oh gosh there were. I found myself using my words for the year, Trust and Flow, a lot. Along with internal smiles that came out onto my face.

Helen A Naylor.
Helen A Naylor. Very Happy.
After show dinner party.
The day I was given MY OWN PAGE on 19Karen's website. I walked around making little strange shrill noises. I now wonder why on earth have I been holding back on their invite to display my glass bead jewellery there !

I read a saying some-where about the end of the process, once I was able to see the end and imagine how amazing it would be, the feelings of looking at my work, the sense of self,  I was able to enjoy the journey along the flag stone path that I saw on the other side of my kiln door. After taking a few leaps of courage, experiencing how amazing the feelings are once on the other side, I have to tell you it is contagious. What a twisty, turny, coincidental, experience of events I have had.

Being in this Exhibition has been such a thrill. The opening night was electrifying. As you can see from  this photograph taken at the after show dinner party above.

Helen A Naylor.
No1, No2, No3, No4 and No5.

I was floating around really relaxed, which is rather unusual for me ! You know what the most fun part of this was for me ? Yes actually finishing some-thing hahahaaa. Hey I finish things !

It was giving my friends who came and one stranger, who turned out to be from the Queensland Arts Society, the necklaces that I had made them all as a thank-you for coming and supporting me. Their faces and comments were priceless. Lilli and Mary kept coming up to me all night and hugging the life out of me and covering me with kisses telling me they loved me. The simple act of thanking those around you with a piece of clay that I made with love, gave them and I more than I had ever imagined.

Helen A Naylor.
Helen with Fiona and her son.

Helen A Naylor.
Georgia, Debra and Helen.

Helen A Naylor.
Kenny, Helen and Penny.

Aud, Isabelle, Nicholas, Mary's head.

Gayle, Stacey and Lilli with great food. 

Helen A Naylor.
The Art Of Spain. Helen A Naylor. on the plinths.
Luke Yocu's work on the left.

Helen A Naylor.
Helen A Naylor.
I woke up on Sunday morning, opened my eyes to the sky outside, a massive grin came over my face and I said to myself "can we all do that again next month !"