Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Why Do You Give ?

Hello dear Blog,
I am so sorry I have left you alone for so long. I have been rather busy. But what a lovely surprise to open you and find the new look you. I had forgotten your new look. I have been thinking about you but seeing you in the old look and it was not calling me. I love your new look. Lovely blog.
So what have I been doing ? Well gosh so much. I have had a great time with the oldies at the nursing home over the Chrissy time. We made lots of Chrissy deco and we made our own crackers and filled them with chocolate. I dropped off more plates to St Barts for their Brisbane shop. They tell me they are walking out the door. Ar ha so thats why they are hounding me to make more all the time ! I have got out two lots of Artist Trading Cards for the group I belong to "Flygirls Artist Trading Card Group". It is a great feeling getting them done as tiny as they are. It takes longer to do tinny. For me it is. How exciting it was to get some in the post. From the States, from ladies I know through our FaceBook page from our course. To have their work in my home in my hands it is a lovely warm feeling. My Parents have been here for over 4 weeks from back home this was a great pleasure. We really didnt stop, well except for the odd nap. Other wise it was go go go. Christmas was lovely, full on. I was given some lovely art supplies by some lovely friends. Paint made from plants that you well the powered to use them and they smell like the plant too. Jelly beans that are crayons, all natural too. Mulberry papers the most stunning, pocket sketch book, pencils. And more. Isnt it the best feeling when those around you show you they get you and what you are about. Of course I had so much fun entertaining and giving. We were out for lunch a few days ago. The girl on the table was talking loudly to a man while they ate. She was talking about why people give. She said she gives to get good karma back. I so wanted to say to her that that is just not how it works at all. I thought hmmm why do I give ? The answer is simple. Because people need. Have a think about it. Why do you give ? If you dont give why not ? If you do give, what is it you give ? Money, time, love, care, wisdom, do you inspire those around you ?

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  1. Love your post :) You should post more :) & I'd LOVE to see what you do with crayons and paint - natural or otherwise! You are an amazing artist, and I'm sure your 2-dimensional art is lovely, too!
    Why do I give... Hmm... Depends a lot on whom and when. Sometimes I DO give for karma... & sometimes I give because giving makes me feel better (and often more comfortable!) than getting... I think I mostly give because someone needs, too. I hadn't thought of it that way, you put it beautifully! Food for thought, thank you!! xx