Thursday, 29 September 2011

Oh my goodness what a day.

All I wanted was to get lost in a project, to sit at my desks or any-where quite frankly, to be consumed in what I was doing.
Well today I put the lappy on my desk. My make do space until the studio is repaired and remodelled, instead of on my lap in the window seat looking out into the world to the south. This window looks the north, Hey not that I have looked out till just them. Hmmmmm ............ thinking hmmmmmm.
Well I am doing another e-course. This time with Stephanie Levy

I am truly loving it. I started to read. Needing to do some writing I opened the jotter I got for my birthday, went to the back and started writing the answers to the questions. Then there was a paragraph that I had to write out and then more tasks. The Winsor and Newton water colour pans were there, also a birthday gift. Never used them like this before. I must say much easier than screwing off and on lids and wasting paint when you don't use what you squeeze out. Humm I needed to write there were the chunky coloured pencils that I got but never used and more items. As I started the new days work and interview by British photographer Susannah Conway I got lost in her and had to send her to a friend which lead me to doing a bit of chatting to some of the lovely arty ladies, including the lovely Stephanie. Oh my, a strange feeling came from my insides. Food. It was past lunch time. I quick lunch, let the chickens out and Louie out. Who is calling me right now, along with the kettle ! So here I have been caught up in an arty world. While the wild howls outside, winter is back, chickens scratch in my garden and I am at my desk, doodling and chatting. I have done nothing else. I was going out to run errands. I wonder  if they were important !

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Following Me.

If you come and see my little blog which is a little slow and wonder how to follow me, just go right up to the very top of the page, in the blue bar is the world "Follow" right there on the left, just click it and your little picture will be on my little blog for all to see. It will inspire me to write a little bit more on this little blog of mine.
I had a very relaxing day today with friends. Found some hearts and signs to photograph. Some beautiful coffee and gluten free cake with gluten free chips and gluten free berry bliss ice-cream to top it off. Shall post the pics another day as I find myself very tired at the end of this day that I have enjoyed.

Oh dear they are not so good. You would never guess I took them at Movie World. Didnt take any pic of the food hahahaaa.

Monday, 26 September 2011

33 Ways.

Some of you may have seen this. I just needed to put it on my blog so I would be reminded.
  1. Make lists.
  2. Carry a notebook everywhere.
  3. Try free writing.
  4. Get away from the computer.
  5. Be otherworldly.
  6. Quit beating yourself up.
  7. Take breaks.
  8. Sing in the shower.
  9. Drink coffee/tea.
  10. Know your roots.
  11. Listen to new music.
  12. Be open.
  13. Surround yourself with creative people.
  14. Get feedback.
  15. Collaborate.
  16. Don’t give up.
  17. Practice, practice, practice.
  18. Allow yourself to make mistakes.
  19. Go somewhere new.
  20. Watch foreign films.
  21. Count your blessings.
  22. Get lots of rest.
  23. Take risks.
  24. Break the rules.
  25. Do more of what makes you happy.
  26. Don’t force it.
  27. Read a page of the dictionary.
  28. Create a framework.
  29. Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect.
  30. Got an idea? Write it down.
  31. Clean your workspace.
  32. Have fun.
  33. Finish something.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Started the long trip of opening an Etsy shop. You can see side bar on Art Conglomeration. This seems to be the link !

I dont know if this is what it will look like for ever. I have looked around for changing the URL but not seem any-thing yet. I know it is there as other "Flyers" have got simple URL's

Been making some glass beads. That was so much fun to get into my poor old studio and make some-thing. Even if I was in the door way. Started having the dirt moved around the door area. It is a start and it was very hot on the weekend.

Getting some direction for life from Mr C. Have to start setting Animation goals.

The first is to find a competition or a few to enter.

- Zagreb.
- do some-thing for Swell next year.
- get some-thing up on YouTube.

Set the dates working backwards from those dates to make it happen including repairing the studio.

Document the process here on my blog so I can be accountable if any-one ever reads me !

I am worried as I am not making a good start.