Sunday, 13 May 2012

My Studio Is All New Again.

Well nearly. It seams like yesterday when I opened the doors to find muddy water up the walls, green mould growing, thickening the air. Collected and cherished supplies all gone.

I now have an aged floor from about 1920, the men said, who salvaged it from a home that was to be listed. The owners had other plans for the land and made sure the old home was no longer in any state to list. Very sad as Australia being such a young country has so little history. I now have a deep, dark, old wood floor steeped in history of all to see that come to visit me. As I sit creating I am sure that it will feed me.

I have settled on the furniture placement, I think, I hope. One never has enough space does one !

Today I have been out foraging for interesting storage containers for the shelves and inside the cupboards. I have found two lovely tins.

I chose with my heart, I do hope they will fit supplies. I am thinking if I containerise each type of supply I can take that container with all my needs to my desk, spread out the contents, once finished place them all back in their box to go back away till next time. The purpose is to cut down foraging time. What do you think !

Along with my tins I found two stools. Guest stools for the other side of my scaffolding desk, recycled of course.

One is red, shinny red. So full of life and colour. Which brings to me the "Well nearly" statement at the beginning. I need to find the right red paint to adorn the wall behind my seat. Which is no ordinary seat it is a Herman Miller ! I long to sit in my chair, feel his creative genius hold my body in its correct alinement as I create. I digress.

The other stool is a heavy iron Singer sewing machine base with aged wood top.

I love the shop. I get my little finds from Brenden loves to find unusual peices that have a history, we're once some-thing else that no longer has a use and now has a new life. Village is the name of this lovely shop. They will post stock to you where ever you are.

The gardeners are laying some of the old bricks from our home, down around the studio in a herringbone pattern. Yes with plenty of drainage under them and a long grate in front of the door step. Double the insurance. I don't want to have to go through that again ! Soon I will beable to move all my supplies in, set up my creative workstation and the computer workstation then create.

My clay art has been really taking over my life. Which is wonderful. Inspirations has been coming in from all areas, from dear dear friends who have kept me moving forward with their gifts and encouragements.

This little care package came from Liza Zeni.
You can go see her blog for amazing words, recipes and images.

These lovely old books came from Ollie and from Fiona. Filled with inspirations. There are some very talented potters in these two books. I have added two of my bowls that are half way through their processes. Off to the glazing and kiln soon for them and their friends.

So I have taken over our old kitchen to make all my plates and bowls in, which has been working out really well. Thank-goodness we have been too busy to take out the old kitchen and turn the room into a spare room. It has been perfect for working with clay.

Since my new kiln Ned arrived I have been in full production.

Here is some of my work. They are made from a Stoneware, Porcelain body clay. Which I enjoy using due to the handleing and fireing qualities it has

Working on the bowls for 19Karen's Exhibition has been such a joyful experience. Not that I am finished yet. The dead line is getting closer as is the excitement. Here is a sneak preview of some of my work.

You can go to " MY PAGE " on 19Karen's website to see and read where and how I came to this. Yes I am ecstatic that I have a page on their website !

I am looking forward to seeing all the other artists from near and far's interpritiontion of the theme. Art Of Spain.

What do you think of when you hear Art Of Spain ?
How do you choose what you bring home into your life's ?
Are you careful where you discard items you can no longer use to insure they don't end up as landfill ?