Thursday, 19 January 2012

Is Good enough, good enough ?

As I look at my friends, far and wide, on the FB sites we have to bring us together, I look at their works, their blogs, I listen to their ideas and journeys. I am so happy for them when I see the most amazing works they do. I am in ore of them. I look at myself through them and think gosh I am letting myself down, I really am. So how am I going to move along and make ?
Then I think. Ok I am not drawing amazing animations like Koosje. (Gosh she is really doing it). But I am re building the foundations of my creative life to get to that point again. Yes I am having fun. Sure "could" do more but then there is that would, should, could thing. So I say, sure I would like to do more, but it is ok right now to do this amount. If you are being hard on yourself please dont, she says talking out loud to herself !
Trust is my word for this year. I am to trust that it is all ok. Just keep moving forward. Trust I will get there. Oh well now, there is a dilemma. Get there ? Sure we will all get there, some-where. What is important, as we all know is the getting there. We have a choice dont we ! Do we fight all the way ? Or do we laugh all the way ? Do we see where it is we are going or do we trust that where ever it is we end up it will be fine ? The trip there is what is important. Hmmm but we do need some kind of map, some sort of direction, a goal. Yes we do. Hmm in some areas of our life we need to see where it is we want to be. In our areas, not so much. Yes a split is needed. I agree. Some areas of life need to be free and others need a destination. However we need to see that the trip is still in question. Fun or stress ! Fast or slow ?
I am not sure I like this post. I shall post it any-way and re think it another time.


  1. Thank you for the beautiful compliment and link to my blog!

    I think Trust is a beautiful word to hang on to this year. Trust on your talents and trust on what you love doing. And do it. And yes, good enough is good enough, because once you stop being too hard on yourself, you'll see that quastion isn't even to be asked anymore.
    I trust you' ll keep having fun, and more of it!

  2. This is a good point you make Koosje. You are right , when is some-thing good enough, the answer is when you dont need to ask.