Tuesday, 4 October 2011


We had a great weekend. Did some gardening and went to an 80th Birthday party. I decided to be brave and make an omlette to eat for me. I have not eatern them and other forms of eggs since my brother, one Sunday, cracked and egg, he linked to practice doing them one handedly. I think he should have been a chef ! A chick, dead of cousre, came out. Yuky or what ? I could only do pancakes from them on in. Over 25 years ago. Now we have three great girls in our garden laying eggs for us I had to do some-thing with them.

What are you doing. We can smell our eggs ? You better not be eating them !
Every-thing ready in my bowels.
Cooking away. Oh my goodness I did it !
There it is on one of my own plates. It was so yummy too.

The party on Saturday night was great fun. A little cold. Caught up with lots of people. Here we are with the guest of honour. 80 and just bought himself a Pit Special aerobatic plane. We can only hope.


  1. Good for you - your omlette looks delicious! Thanks for all your lovely comments in and about the course :) xo

  2. oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh :) I DID read this post before and your brother's chick-story totally freaked me out :) For some reason I didn't leave a comment the first time, but I think you are amazingly brave for making this omelette after that, and it looks DELICIOUS :)
    Your chickens are beautiful, it's a gorgeous photo!
    Good luck with the frantic bead-making this weekend! Will you post pictures later? xx