Monday, 3 October 2011


I am sitting at my desk again. Not with the same joyous abandonment that I experienced on my last list. This morning had a hick up. However with a bit a readjustment (gave in) I found my way here to read todays class notes. A few days ago notes, to tell the truth. Time zones and weekends, well you know how it goes. I started reading Stephanie's words. It seems she was talking to me. Then I got to a part that said

Sorry I went to gym thinking I will copy paste the words and do the link to her course when I get back. I am back but I cant find it. It was really good to. I will find it one day, so until then you shall all just have to wonder what pearl of wisdom shone in my eyes. Making be think the below ..........

Which made me think oh I bet there will be women out there with blogs about their animation and they will be inspiring and may-be do e-courses too. So I googled and got mislead to what I thought was a woman's blog but it was a Brit male. Ian Lumsden's blog.
Here I found a video posted on his site

«Plato» - Léonard Cohen (EnsAD 2010) by ensadanim
In Ian's words.
The fabulously named Léonard Cohen and his equally fabulously entitled creation, Plato. Here a figure struggles to get the shape just right. Time and again the object is discarded until, as an apple falling from a tree - or was that another Eureka moment and a different Brit or Greek - a solution is found.
Hmmmm makes you think ............
The character is drawing and drawing never happy with what to us looks like a nice square when he gets what he wants. So keep trying every-one no matter what it is, keep on at it. As Stephanie said 
"Give yourself a chance, many chances, as long as it takes." 

Off to gym will continue soon.

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