Friday, 28 October 2011

Some blue.

The sky was having a bit of a time making up its mind whether to be blue or grey today.
I made a new business card just for fun. Playing with a couple of new texts. Nothing amazing just to inform. Getting the hang of the new CS5. Gosh.
A bowl of yogurt, berries and my own home grown banana. Followed by a cup of British tea and I was off to the nursing home. I had my back pack on as I was going on my electric scooter. Well I was until I got into the garage and saw the pot ! Hmmmm How was I going to get that on with me. There was not a way. I had to go in the car.
You see today we were decorating the hats for the ladies for the Tuesday celebrations of Melbourne Cup Day. It is a big horse race here. They say it is the race that stops a nation. Now Bert. He is a gentleman. They do not wear flowery hats . This was a great opportunity for him to finish off the mosaic plant pot for me. He loves mosaicing.  He was most happy to tile away while we made hats.
The ladies chose what they wanted and off I went with the glue gun and a bit of help. Yes I burnt myself. Oh I didn't say it was a HOT glue gun did I. hahahaaa so much fun. Owwwwey.
Here are some of their hats.

Not bad for old hats and supplies they had in the cupboard. Remember there is no money for craft so it is tight. I am looking forward to Chrissy. I love the idea of getting to use some of the things I have been saving for a rainy day.
What do you think ? I am thinking millenary course next. Hahaha just to add an other feather in my "hat"