Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Started the long trip of opening an Etsy shop. You can see side bar on Art Conglomeration. This seems to be the link !

I dont know if this is what it will look like for ever. I have looked around for changing the URL but not seem any-thing yet. I know it is there as other "Flyers" have got simple URL's

Been making some glass beads. That was so much fun to get into my poor old studio and make some-thing. Even if I was in the door way. Started having the dirt moved around the door area. It is a start and it was very hot on the weekend.

Getting some direction for life from Mr C. Have to start setting Animation goals.

The first is to find a competition or a few to enter.

- Zagreb.
- do some-thing for Swell next year.
- get some-thing up on YouTube.

Set the dates working backwards from those dates to make it happen including repairing the studio.

Document the process here on my blog so I can be accountable if any-one ever reads me !

I am worried as I am not making a good start.

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