Tuesday, 23 August 2011


I am rather into the
Plus I am sentimental !
My 21st record player really needed to go due to the record part no longer works properly. So sad. A friend is using box frames for her art. I got the idea I could take the front off my beloved record player and mount it in one of her frames. In the other I could use the turn table, needle and maybe I would find some-thing interestingly beautiful inside for an arrangement in an other fame. Of course I am unable to butcher my memories at this point in life. However it got me thinking.... hmmmmm...... those lovely thingies inside the electronics that I cant throw out, my first modem, computer, mobile phone, etc. I could pull them apart and mount them, antiques hahahaa. Not wanting to waste them, gosh I am hopeless I really am. I think it comes back to my mother grrrr don't waste it she was always saying. So I looked around my world. I have access to aircraft scrap. Yes I know, a strange thing but more interesting I suspect than old technology that I cant part with ! I got radio navigation systems first. Took to pulling them apart with many tools. To reveal the most loveliest of thingies inside. Oh instant art. Too yummy to do 100% what I had envisioned. I think " keep it simple" So with the engaging of my dremel, which I have been itching to use since it's arrival under the tree a few Chrissys ago, started making the bigger parts more manageable and getting the smaller bits off the not so exciting looking boards. I love using the soldering iron. Heat up the solder to release the bits from their boards.
After playing with some arrangements and less is more and girl-friends owing and arring I got some together. Feeling quite happy with myself. My partner doesnt think they are saleable in their present form but show promise. The girls were racking their brains for names. We settled on P-ARTS. I like them. See what you think ?

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