Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Following Me.

If you come and see my little blog which is a little slow and wonder how to follow me, just go right up to the very top of the page, in the blue bar is the world "Follow" right there on the left, just click it and your little picture will be on my little blog for all to see. It will inspire me to write a little bit more on this little blog of mine.
I had a very relaxing day today with friends. Found some hearts and signs to photograph. Some beautiful coffee and gluten free cake with gluten free chips and gluten free berry bliss ice-cream to top it off. Shall post the pics another day as I find myself very tired at the end of this day that I have enjoyed.

Oh dear they are not so good. You would never guess I took them at Movie World. Didnt take any pic of the food hahahaaa.

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