Monday, 15 August 2011

So many ideas.

I have lots of ideas wurling around in my head. Usually at the wrong time. I try to write them down in a book I have only for ideas. I let a page open of its own will and write the idea and sketch it there in the place the book choose. I look at it from time to time and think owh yes I must do that, the book is closed and I dont do any-thing. I am hoping this course will help me. I do pottery classes once a week to make sure I do keep art in my life. I hear about writers looking at a white page and not being able to write, writers block. Well it is like my will is a white page. I have will block. I have every-thing here to create lots of thingies. I am most happy when I am creating some-thing arty so I know I am to continue being arty. I hope that one day I will just change. I know it needs to be through an action I take but I am lost on my own journey. To wake up one morning and be inspired to make arty thingies, to be lost in a project so much that I forget to eat lunch. This is what I long for.

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