Tuesday, 4 December 2012

New Work.

I have been getting some new work out of the kiln. Some old work mixed in there too.
Have a look on my Etsy page for nice Christmas discounts.

See my Face Book page Art Conglomeration By Helen A Naylor for the latest pieces in clay.


  1. Thank-you very much Zeynep. Blue is not my colour how-ever people were requesting it at the shop I supply to so I thought I would use it a little. I am very pleased with the Christmas decorations. That is done with cobalt in a powered form that I mix up. It is a heavy mineral which is over the top in cost compared to the other colours. No wonder every-one loves that one ! The plates are a transparent blue glaze which is new to me. I love the smooth finish of it and the way it hangs on the edges of the inlayed design while leaving transparency through to the clay. It has a depth to it which I am enjoying. These plates are my Mum's fav.

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    1. Thank-you Jodi, gosh I do like the feelings of being here and seeing lovely comments. I shall have to get blogging.