Thursday, 5 March 2015

Hello World.

Gosh I have been busy. I have a new pottery studio at the bottom of the garden which is nearly done.

I hope I have enough room for all my supplies. It will be centering to have them all ion one space instead of fragmented all over the place.

Yes the kiln, it is here it make it safe and sound. It is working too.

Wheel yes the wheel is in. Even though I am not totally in the studio or it finished I just simply had to try the new wheel, my first wheel, a venco wheel. Gosh it is a messy wheel ! Good job I have a new apron.

This yummy apron is by Usahmama.


  1. Helen- how wonderful to have your own studio (!) and have seen some of your work- its so beautiful. All the very best with your new space and look forward to seeing your 'garden grow'

  2. Thank-you very much Claudia. It is lovely having a large space that is just for potting ( oh and my glass bead making ) I am slowly getting every-thing gathered up for all over and finding its new spot in the studio. The new Brackicraiton tree is growing nicely out side the kiln room. I too look forward to the landscaping all coming together around the area. Also getting the building painted white.