Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Hello Blog I have missed you.

Since my last post I have created two children. Yes very busy and so in love with being their Mumma's. They are my greatest creations.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Hello World.

Gosh I have been busy. I have a new pottery studio at the bottom of the garden which is nearly done.

I hope I have enough room for all my supplies. It will be centering to have them all ion one space instead of fragmented all over the place.

Yes the kiln, it is here it make it safe and sound. It is working too.

Wheel yes the wheel is in. Even though I am not totally in the studio or it finished I just simply had to try the new wheel, my first wheel, a venco wheel. Gosh it is a messy wheel ! Good job I have a new apron.

This yummy apron is by Usahmama. http://www.uashmama.com

Friday, 25 October 2013

St Barts Have A Blog.

Yes St Barts have a blog.

Have a look right here.

Let me know what you think !

Monday, 10 June 2013

Hmmmm, do you have an answer to this ?

My step sons girlfriend has a camera. A big one. She herself is tiny in being but big on personality. We all adore and love Cindy. It was her birthday a few days ago. Simon and I gave her a four hour one on one photo class. She loved it. With all the online classes I have taken I have seen some amazing woman who take photos so I thought I best sit here on the Queens Birthday, Happy Birthday your Majesty long may you live and rein over us. And find the links to ladies and groups I have been shown, to see if any of them will help her continue on her path of photography. Cindy that is, not the Queen.

On my trek I found this part of a post by Tracey Clark. Read it.

The definition of Creative Joy is at its essence, doing something creative that brings you joy. Period. No end result needed. No monetary expectations. Heck, no expectations for anything at all. Creative Joy is all about a creative act or process that makes you happy. Although it’s true that if the process AND an end result makes you happy (a finished painting, a blooming garden, a blog post, a novel) it’s perfectly find to work toward an end result. But, if the end result came as more of just an added bonus of doing what you loved, instead of an expectation, then it would make the process of getting there much more joyful. The past year I’ve been on a quest to crack the code on what creative practice makes me happy, in a “joy for joy sake” kind of way. I have found myself riddled by the question that if time or money was no object, what would I do just for Joy?

So what is your answer what would you do if time and money were no object ?

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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Teesha's Circus: Intention

You just have to go and have a read of this ladies post. I love it. I am sure you will to. It will make you get up. Intention by Teesha.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Rain and Rain.

I love drizzle rain. It is my favorite type of rain. I have missed it, longed for it for all the years I have been down here in the colonies. This summer it came. Oh it came. Yes drizzle is here. Gentle and slow as it moves from above to the ground. The ground welcomes it as it has the chance to soak it up, going deep down into it to quench its thirst. The tropical down pours how-ever energetic, loud and exhilarating to start when one first witnesses them do loose their appeal. Drizzle allows you to ponder on thoughts with a cup of tea cupped in your hands. Tropical has me running around exhausted. Also very very wet.

Why I am talking about rain I hear you ask ! Well my dear friend made a post that I thought was about her love of drizzle instead of pouring or drought. Turns out I didn't have a fellow drizzle lover. She was talking about live. How it is either full on tropical rain or dry. She was asking why life could never just drizzle.

This got me thinking of my interpretation of Mr Forest Gumps box of chocolates.

Life is like a box of chocolates really. There are the ones you don't like but eat as they are, after all, chocolate and it would be a waste not to. Then there is the ones that are nice and lovely which you enjoy. Then there are your favs which are wonderful. They are the right flavour and texture, you really enjoy them. See just like life. I wonder if we had our favs all the time how could we judge them as our favs if there was nothing to compare them with.

You know if life was a constant drizzle you would have no down time. I think you would be very tired of the constant.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

New Work.

I have been getting some new work out of the kiln. Some old work mixed in there too.
Have a look on my Etsy page for nice Christmas discounts.

See my Face Book page Art Conglomeration By Helen A Naylor for the latest pieces in clay.

Monday, 10 September 2012

The Muse.

We can be our own Muses I am sure of it. We just need to Trust and push ourselves into the position for it to Flow through us and to happen.
I fellow artist has been having a similar stumping as I have been having lately. Deanne Williams you can read what she has to say about it, just click here name.
I too have been pulled in directions that were not arty and have zapped my creativity. After a lovely lunch on Friday, with a friend who had been to the States for two months, a look at what Tara Axford is doing with found art and a trip to the city to see a clever friend and the main shop that has been selling my bowls I felt energised full of ideas but not wanting to go into the "studio". So I pushed myself to go in and stay there. I sat and looked around at all the half finished projects. I didnt know where to start but I just took the ones taking up the most room and set too. It too made me think  - if I just come in here it will come. Taking a tea break I read Deanne's great blog and there it was in her words backing it all up. Thank-you.
Just sit down, stand up at your art space with your supplies and keeping trying to make any-thing. It will come it will come.
Trust and it will Flow.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Art Of Spain.

Helen A Naylor.
Helen A Naylor's bowls at "The Art of Spain" 19Karen Art Gallery.
Time and time again, I am recently changing how I go about my life, how can I tell you ?

You find some-thing that a sad person has lost. Some-how you get it back to them. They give you a reward. Whether a hug or some-thing you can physically keep. It feels good, you did the right thing.

Now what about if you do some-thing for yourself ? You dedicate your mind to creating art. You may have to remake it and experiment a few times till it is right. Then comes the time to present your art. The feelings that come to you are better than any.

Helen A Naylor.
Dress Circle.
The path to exhibiting in The Art Of Spain was a colourful one. Filled with twists and turns bigger than a movie plot. There were baddies in there too ! Oh gosh there were. I found myself using my words for the year, Trust and Flow, a lot. Along with internal smiles that came out onto my face.

Helen A Naylor.
Helen A Naylor. Very Happy.
After show dinner party.
The day I was given MY OWN PAGE on 19Karen's website. I walked around making little strange shrill noises. I now wonder why on earth have I been holding back on their invite to display my glass bead jewellery there !

I read a saying some-where about the end of the process, once I was able to see the end and imagine how amazing it would be, the feelings of looking at my work, the sense of self,  I was able to enjoy the journey along the flag stone path that I saw on the other side of my kiln door. After taking a few leaps of courage, experiencing how amazing the feelings are once on the other side, I have to tell you it is contagious. What a twisty, turny, coincidental, experience of events I have had.

Being in this Exhibition has been such a thrill. The opening night was electrifying. As you can see from  this photograph taken at the after show dinner party above.

Helen A Naylor.
No1, No2, No3, No4 and No5.

I was floating around really relaxed, which is rather unusual for me ! You know what the most fun part of this was for me ? Yes actually finishing some-thing hahahaaa. Hey I finish things !

It was giving my friends who came and one stranger, who turned out to be from the Queensland Arts Society, the necklaces that I had made them all as a thank-you for coming and supporting me. Their faces and comments were priceless. Lilli and Mary kept coming up to me all night and hugging the life out of me and covering me with kisses telling me they loved me. The simple act of thanking those around you with a piece of clay that I made with love, gave them and I more than I had ever imagined.

Helen A Naylor.
Helen with Fiona and her son.

Helen A Naylor.
Georgia, Debra and Helen.

Helen A Naylor.
Kenny, Helen and Penny.

Aud, Isabelle, Nicholas, Mary's head.

Gayle, Stacey and Lilli with great food. 

Helen A Naylor.
The Art Of Spain. Helen A Naylor. on the plinths.
Luke Yocu's work on the left.

Helen A Naylor.
Helen A Naylor.
I woke up on Sunday morning, opened my eyes to the sky outside, a massive grin came over my face and I said to myself "can we all do that again next month !"

Sunday, 13 May 2012

My Studio Is All New Again.

Well nearly. It seams like yesterday when I opened the doors to find muddy water up the walls, green mould growing, thickening the air. Collected and cherished supplies all gone.

I now have an aged floor from about 1920, the men said, who salvaged it from a home that was to be listed. The owners had other plans for the land and made sure the old home was no longer in any state to list. Very sad as Australia being such a young country has so little history. I now have a deep, dark, old wood floor steeped in history of all to see that come to visit me. As I sit creating I am sure that it will feed me.

I have settled on the furniture placement, I think, I hope. One never has enough space does one !

Today I have been out foraging for interesting storage containers for the shelves and inside the cupboards. I have found two lovely tins.

I chose with my heart, I do hope they will fit supplies. I am thinking if I containerise each type of supply I can take that container with all my needs to my desk, spread out the contents, once finished place them all back in their box to go back away till next time. The purpose is to cut down foraging time. What do you think !

Along with my tins I found two stools. Guest stools for the other side of my scaffolding desk, recycled of course.

One is red, shinny red. So full of life and colour. Which brings to me the "Well nearly" statement at the beginning. I need to find the right red paint to adorn the wall behind my seat. Which is no ordinary seat it is a Herman Miller ! I long to sit in my chair, feel his creative genius hold my body in its correct alinement as I create. I digress.

The other stool is a heavy iron Singer sewing machine base with aged wood top.

I love the shop. I get my little finds from Brenden loves to find unusual peices that have a history, we're once some-thing else that no longer has a use and now has a new life. Village is the name of this lovely shop. They will post stock to you where ever you are.

The gardeners are laying some of the old bricks from our home, down around the studio in a herringbone pattern. Yes with plenty of drainage under them and a long grate in front of the door step. Double the insurance. I don't want to have to go through that again ! Soon I will beable to move all my supplies in, set up my creative workstation and the computer workstation then create.

My clay art has been really taking over my life. Which is wonderful. Inspirations has been coming in from all areas, from dear dear friends who have kept me moving forward with their gifts and encouragements.

This little care package came from Liza Zeni.
You can go see her blog for amazing words, recipes and images.

These lovely old books came from Ollie and from Fiona. Filled with inspirations. There are some very talented potters in these two books. I have added two of my bowls that are half way through their processes. Off to the glazing and kiln soon for them and their friends.

So I have taken over our old kitchen to make all my plates and bowls in, which has been working out really well. Thank-goodness we have been too busy to take out the old kitchen and turn the room into a spare room. It has been perfect for working with clay.

Since my new kiln Ned arrived I have been in full production.

Here is some of my work. They are made from a Stoneware, Porcelain body clay. Which I enjoy using due to the handleing and fireing qualities it has

Working on the bowls for 19Karen's Exhibition has been such a joyful experience. Not that I am finished yet. The dead line is getting closer as is the excitement. Here is a sneak preview of some of my work.

You can go to " MY PAGE " on 19Karen's website to see and read where and how I came to this. Yes I am ecstatic that I have a page on their website !

I am looking forward to seeing all the other artists from near and far's interpritiontion of the theme. Art Of Spain.

What do you think of when you hear Art Of Spain ?
How do you choose what you bring home into your life's ?
Are you careful where you discard items you can no longer use to insure they don't end up as landfill ?

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Give away.

My amazing friend, Deborah O'Hare, in England is a fabric artist like you have never seen.

This journal she made is made from kitchen roll that she coloured and stitched together.

She is giving away, very kindly, a copy of the latest book she is in. Full of inspiring projects all centered around the beach. We all love the beach. Pop over to her blog" Quilt Troutes " have a look around, you will be in ore and become a fan like me. Follow the instructions to enter and keep reading. 

Then go to her other blog " The Blue Hare ". Yes she is so busy she needs two blogs. Deborah not only shows the fruits of her amazing talents, she actually shows you how to do it for your self. I know ! Who does that for free these days ? A Brit called Deborah, thats who.

When you have drank lots of tea, eaten so many biscuits and wanted to rush around your home gathering all you have to try what she is showing you and then decided to buy kits off her, have a look at this entry called " Playing ". This is my fav. Well I cant pick a fav really, however I totally love what she has done here.
I could go on and on about this lady but I think it best for you to go see yourselves.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Tag ! I am it.

Yikers! Today I’ve been tagged by Janet at Tattered and Worn. http://tatterednworn.wordpress.com/
Janet and I did a class together online. We keep in touch through the group. Janet is not only a talented artist but a great organizer and motivator. She says she will come visit me one day. I do hope she does.
Here is the game we are playing. It is an online blog "Tiggy" as we call it in GB.
I hope you will enjoy reading the questions when you pop over to the tagged players blogs. But first here are the rules.

The Rules
…you must post the rules
…answer 11 questions the tagger posted for you
…create 11 questions to ask the people you tag
…tag 11 people
…let them know you’ve tagged them

Here are the questions I was asked along with my answers.

1. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I am going to have to say some-thing like "life it's self".

2. When you are creating, what do you have going in the background?
Nothing if you mean music. I can get distracted by words and melodies. I am in need of happy music. I would like to have music going I really would but I don't like sad words. So it is the birds outside that fill my ears.

3. Do you have a decorating style, and if so, what is it?
That would be eclectic. I am so thrilled there is a word for it, you know my style is now the uba hip thing now. I love collecting thingies that mean some-thing to me. I throw them all together and hope for the best. I am trying to adhere to some of the decorating rules to make it all work even better.

4. If you could live anywhere in world, where would it be?
It truly would be right here where I am right now.

5. What would you do with your lottery winnings?
I would hire John Travolta and his big jet to fly me to all the places I would like to visit.

6. What is you very favorite saying?
This year it is, Trust in myself and go along with the Flow.

7. What are you most looking forward to?
That "arha" moment when I finally "get" my life.

8. What is your favorite outdoor activity?
What, you want me to name one ? Gee Janet !
Hanging out washing with my chickens at my feet.

9. Do you consider yourself politically aware?

10. What is your most prized possession?
My future.

11. If you knew the world would end tomorrow, how would you spend today?

Here are the people I have tagged.

Liza Zeni http://www.lizazeni.wordpress.com
Wini Dougall http://artloveandjoy.blogspot.com
Mary Sterk: http://justmarydesigns.wordpress.com
Julie hamilton http://www.spaark.wordpress.com
Yvonne Dekker http://muddleonthrough.blogspot.com
Stephanie Levy http://www.stephanielevy.blogspot.com
Kristen Powers http://www.kristenpowersink.blogspot.com
Jodi Wiley http://artbywiley.com
Denise Hughes http://denisehughesart.blogspot.com
Helen Perrett http://www.asp50yearsold.blogspot.com
Brenda Wolf http://bwcreates.blogspot.com

Now, “Tag! You’re it!” I hope you’ll play!

Have fun!

Now my questions to each of you.

1, If there were Super Hero's like Super Man, what would be your name and what would be your slogan ?

2, As a Super Hero, how would you save the world, make it a better place ?

3, If you were an art supply what would you be based on your personality ?

4, If you could swop bodies with any-one for a day, who would it be ?

5, Has a book or film ever moved you, what was it and why ?

6, What is your favorite song of all time ?

7, Is any-one in you family arty ?

8, Other than being an artist, what is your hidden talent ?

9, How would you like to give to the community you live in if you were able to ?

10, What do you want from tomorrow ?

11, What do you want from your friends ?

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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Working With The Flow.

How interesting was today ! 

Ideas have been flowing very nicely since I decided to buy myself a kiln. I said it felt like it, it's self was representative of a doorway revealing a pathway. This doorway seems to be two way. It is letting ideas in.

I little while ago we watched a documentary on the life of Sir David Attenborough, we love him, as all Britts do. It introduced us to his brother Richard. I was captivated by this man on screen. Later that evening I googled David to clarify some information. However I was taken to Wikipedia which had a great write up on Richard. What an amazing man he is. I was drawn to his achievements.

Today (Friday the 17th February 2012) we run into Terri from 19Karen the coasts most amazing art gallery along with her beautiful friend Mary. They had gone to St Barts to see my plates. Sadly they only sell them in their Brisbane shop ! However once we caught up. Discussed the weekend art work-shop with Donna Sharam. I told her to watch out for a girl called Jess at this weekends exhibition, explained she had been living in Barcelona and was missing the arts. That made Terri tell us about the collaboration exhibition she was having in June. Like the Freda one, this one is to be all about the art of Spain. After showing us what one artist was working on, it came to her I should join in with some clay pieces. She said google the concept, google Picasso's pottery. Just like Sally had been telling me to do in regards to March's Artist Trading Cards. Well Terri was so excited, I was caught up in it, in her passion for the concept. She was throwing ideas around. So what could I do ? I had to follow the flow and google it. Up came the first page, Richard and Sheila Attenborough and their collection of Picasso's pottery http://www.leicester.gov.uk/picasso/ here is this man I was intrigued by, collect pottery that Terri wants me to be inspired by, to make my own twist on it for her exhibition. On the front page there it is the picture . . . . . . a plate. A plate with a face on it. The style is so like the self portrait that I had just done of myself at Donna's work shop it was, well to tell you the truth it was freaky and so exciting, exhilarating.

So what happened at this workshop. I do plan to blog about it but here is the start of it. Four of us head down to an artists home studio to look at life differently and learn her painting techniques. The first thing she starts with is taking our pencils for a walk, not taking them off the paper and with our eyes closed. To my horror she said start at your chin. Oh no, I don't do the self portrait. I always avoid it, never do it. I thought, oh well, I have to, it will be ok, my eyes are closed ! Well I actually put some effort into it. When I opened my eyes, to my surprise, was a fabulous self portrait. I was ecstatic. I loved it, I was, am so impressed.

How does this fit in ? Well my self portrait is in the same style as the faces on Picasso's plate that is owned by the man that has interested me, Lord Richard Attenborough. Hmmm well, yes, I will be doing a piece for Terri to think about, to see if the concept will fit in with her planned exhibition.

I am sorry I do not know who took the Picasso's plate photograph to credit them. I would think it was done by the Leicester Museums and Galleries.

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Friday, 17 February 2012

Mr Beatties Gifts Of Life.

Today was the funeral of a very dear and special man. Mr Beattie. Who was he ? He was a Britt who loved to Animate and loved to teach it. He was my teacher at QCA. He past away on the 11th of February 2012. I wanted so much to go to see him laid to rest but sadly I could not. Leading up to 10am I thought about him and what his life had ment to me, how I could show him what he ment to me. At 10am I stopped, pulled out my note/drawing book and pencil. I started to draw. I knew the only way to honor him was to make an Animation today. I knew that as much as I would like to do that I would not be able to fulfill this today but I could start the idea. I ended up coming up with the best idea. To represent what he did and combine it with the first exercises that he ever taught us all. I was so stunned at the ideas flowing though me. I have not had doable film ideas for, well, let's just say a long time. Thank-you Mr Beattie you live on in all of us that you have taught. I always find myself trying to comfort people who have lost some-one by saying, remember all the good times you had, be thankful for the time you had with them, not morn what you will never have. Here I am, finding myself celebrating the time I had with Mr Beattie and the gifts he gave me. Here I am still receiving gifts from him after he has gone. So I say thank-you Mr Beattie, thank-you.

Friday, 3 February 2012

What make you happy ?

I have been making plates for a long time. I love making them. I have stopped many times, said I was going to throw it all in. But when I look at it, it because some-one else has done some-thing to make the process fail. Not because of what I have done. Other peoples apathy really is a killing emotion at times. As you know I had been brave and took some plates into the amazing St Barts shop. I got more than I bargained for. An order for 61 plates. My partner could not understand why when I came out of the meeting I was not screaming with joy. I could not either. I had ideas. It turned out they were wrong. The reason I was not over the moon as it turned out was I knew that I was at the hands of others to get these plate made. The fate of the plates was not mine to control  I was at the mercy of some woman who could be rather unpleasant. I was getting by for the first lot of plates loosing some at the hands of others. I was controlling the fears and stresses. Well not really. I know also realise why I was not really able to cope with the stresses. Because I was not in control of my work. There for I was letting the shop down and being well not myself. The call came from the shop telling me that were taking back orders for my plates. Ok so as I already know people love my plates. Now here they were being sold at expensive shop prices and people were still loving them. Ok I had to take control. SO what did I do ? I started looking at second hand kilns. It didnt feel right. So you know what I did I said to myself the stress is killing you, life is ment to be fun, this is ment to be fun. You are a squirrel, what good is being a squirrel if you never eat the nuts. So yes I ordered a lovely Woodrow kiln. Build especially for me. Me, who is worthy of a new kiln and a stress free relationship with her clay. I could not hold in the shrieks of joy coming from me. Not only was this coming from me but I found myself so happy and excited and free from stress.
I still have a massive smile on my face days later. I am now soooo relaxed about making the plates. I feel totally in control of my pottery life now, not at the whims of a group of silly old women. Yes, decadent in money terms, but for me as a person, as an artist, it has no cost. I am not paying any attention to the voice that was there months ago "will it be a waste of money, will I use it ?" I dont care. I am looking at it as the door which has opened to see the most amazing array of possibilities in the form of a beautiful path made out of flag stones. Each one a new step to some-where. All I know is it will be some-where arty. If any-one is holding back and questioning themselves for any-thing right now I say jump, leap, stop listening and just do it. The smile is priceless, as is having all of you to talk to about it and share the steps and those smooth inviting flag stones.
Dont struggle with decisions. It makes you fall apart. Just make the action and do it. I am so in love with what I have done for myself. Thank-you self, thank-you.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Have you tried to do Flickr. I did a while ago. Opened an account for my Creative Courage e-course. But do you think months later I could find it. It is rather hard on an ipad. After hours of fun and account settings and pass words, tight jaw and well the whole body really, I went to bed. Today I opened the big girl up. The Mac Book Pro. For some crazy reason I wanted to get to my Flickr account without having to go through FB. I wanted to use an account that is was offering. I thought this would be in the long run easier. But haha it wanted to link this account with another which you guested it I had to create. Then, yes there is a then. I decided to see a flickr button on my iphoto page so I click it. Turns out the phone app I loaded onto the ipad last night is really really hard to use. Well the big girl can do it for you straight up to flicker, via my FB log in. So I still dont know how to log into my Flickr account all by myself. Can not find a pass word or place to change a pass word. But hey you know what for today that is ok. Here is my flickr addresses. I think it is ? Me at Flickr. Try it let me know if you get any-where. I am sure it should have my title on it not a pile of numbers.
So why am I doing this ? I hear you all yawn. I know I need tea too. Well the Flying group Aussie girls. One in particular Michelle Dwyer, has opened up a challenge. Gosh it was a challenge to get me going to do the challenge. Each month we take photos in a theme. This month we take photos in the colour of dark red, with the theme of health and commitment. Whoops I forgot the commitment part to the task. Well I have done it. Found out a lot about the web. Had to make a Linky. Would love to give you a link but not sure. This might be it. http://linkyimg.arvixededicated.com/v2_thumbnail_linky_enter.aspx?id=123513
You know this whole thing is a great idea. Go and have a look at this page for January, see what you think. She has a special Flickr group set up. It will make make you train your eye to look at life differently, inspire you to see the positive around you and inspire you  to make art from what you see. Aswell as play with your camera and photo editing soft ware.

Here is my mosaic.

I have always wanted to do this mosaic thing and now I have. Oh there needs to be a link for that in here too. Hang on. Click here.
Gosh it takes a lot to do a blog entry. How do you all keep it looking so good ?

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Is Good enough, good enough ?

As I look at my friends, far and wide, on the FB sites we have to bring us together, I look at their works, their blogs, I listen to their ideas and journeys. I am so happy for them when I see the most amazing works they do. I am in ore of them. I look at myself through them and think gosh I am letting myself down, I really am. So how am I going to move along and make ?
Then I think. Ok I am not drawing amazing animations like Koosje. (Gosh she is really doing it). But I am re building the foundations of my creative life to get to that point again. Yes I am having fun. Sure "could" do more but then there is that would, should, could thing. So I say, sure I would like to do more, but it is ok right now to do this amount. If you are being hard on yourself please dont, she says talking out loud to herself !
Trust is my word for this year. I am to trust that it is all ok. Just keep moving forward. Trust I will get there. Oh well now, there is a dilemma. Get there ? Sure we will all get there, some-where. What is important, as we all know is the getting there. We have a choice dont we ! Do we fight all the way ? Or do we laugh all the way ? Do we see where it is we are going or do we trust that where ever it is we end up it will be fine ? The trip there is what is important. Hmmm but we do need some kind of map, some sort of direction, a goal. Yes we do. Hmm in some areas of our life we need to see where it is we want to be. In our areas, not so much. Yes a split is needed. I agree. Some areas of life need to be free and others need a destination. However we need to see that the trip is still in question. Fun or stress ! Fast or slow ?
I am not sure I like this post. I shall post it any-way and re think it another time.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Why Do You Give ?

Hello dear Blog,
I am so sorry I have left you alone for so long. I have been rather busy. But what a lovely surprise to open you and find the new look you. I had forgotten your new look. I have been thinking about you but seeing you in the old look and it was not calling me. I love your new look. Lovely blog.
So what have I been doing ? Well gosh so much. I have had a great time with the oldies at the nursing home over the Chrissy time. We made lots of Chrissy deco and we made our own crackers and filled them with chocolate. I dropped off more plates to St Barts for their Brisbane shop. They tell me they are walking out the door. Ar ha so thats why they are hounding me to make more all the time ! I have got out two lots of Artist Trading Cards for the group I belong to "Flygirls Artist Trading Card Group". It is a great feeling getting them done as tiny as they are. It takes longer to do tinny. For me it is. How exciting it was to get some in the post. From the States, from ladies I know through our FaceBook page from our course. To have their work in my home in my hands it is a lovely warm feeling. My Parents have been here for over 4 weeks from back home this was a great pleasure. We really didnt stop, well except for the odd nap. Other wise it was go go go. Christmas was lovely, full on. I was given some lovely art supplies by some lovely friends. Paint made from plants that you well the powered to use them and they smell like the plant too. Jelly beans that are crayons, all natural too. Mulberry papers the most stunning, pocket sketch book, pencils. And more. Isnt it the best feeling when those around you show you they get you and what you are about. Of course I had so much fun entertaining and giving. We were out for lunch a few days ago. The girl on the table was talking loudly to a man while they ate. She was talking about why people give. She said she gives to get good karma back. I so wanted to say to her that that is just not how it works at all. I thought hmmm why do I give ? The answer is simple. Because people need. Have a think about it. Why do you give ? If you dont give why not ? If you do give, what is it you give ? Money, time, love, care, wisdom, do you inspire those around you ?

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Lots of glass balls in the air.

I am so sorry I have not been in. I feel I have had a lot of balls in the air to keep moving. They have felt like they have been made of fragile glass. This has made it a feel rather full on. They are not feeling as if they need to be handled with so much care now. I think I can relax a bit and enjoy being so busy instead of being rather under pressure which has stopped me enjoying them as they spin around in the air, up and down. I have several places that would like my works. Works from various areas of my life as an artist. I want to see them glisten as the light catches them. I have found help from my stresses from reaching out and telling people what I am thinking. There has been some great ideas and solutions from so many lovely people. Thank-you to those of you who know who you are. It has taken me by surprise how helpful it has been to talk out loud and be given such remedies. I would love to add some pics and more info for you all but I must keep moving. Balls only stay up by themselves for so long.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Some blue.

The sky was having a bit of a time making up its mind whether to be blue or grey today.
I made a new business card just for fun. Playing with a couple of new texts. Nothing amazing just to inform. Getting the hang of the new CS5. Gosh.
A bowl of yogurt, berries and my own home grown banana. Followed by a cup of British tea and I was off to the nursing home. I had my back pack on as I was going on my electric scooter. Well I was until I got into the garage and saw the pot ! Hmmmm How was I going to get that on with me. There was not a way. I had to go in the car.
You see today we were decorating the hats for the ladies for the Tuesday celebrations of Melbourne Cup Day. It is a big horse race here. They say it is the race that stops a nation. Now Bert. He is a gentleman. They do not wear flowery hats . This was a great opportunity for him to finish off the mosaic plant pot for me. He loves mosaicing.  He was most happy to tile away while we made hats.
The ladies chose what they wanted and off I went with the glue gun and a bit of help. Yes I burnt myself. Oh I didn't say it was a HOT glue gun did I. hahahaaa so much fun. Owwwwey.
Here are some of their hats.

Not bad for old hats and supplies they had in the cupboard. Remember there is no money for craft so it is tight. I am looking forward to Chrissy. I love the idea of getting to use some of the things I have been saving for a rainy day.
What do you think ? I am thinking millenary course next. Hahaha just to add an other feather in my "hat"